Sunday, April 4, 2010

March and some April 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

Daddys little girl

We had a Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins
at grandma Hunters.

This was in March, my dad stayed with us and had a BLAST with Ryleigh!!

Need I say more!!!

One of her beautiful dresses

Ryan and Ryleigh have sure been bonding more and more.
I have gone back to work part time at a Credit Union so they hang out everyday from 4 till 6!!

This was our play day in the snow with our matching hats my Aunt Deni made us.
This is Ryleigh really starting to get into EVERYTHING now!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes there is MORE!!!

Grandpa hangin in the shade

Enjoying dinner with the locals... amazing Red Snapper.

Crusin in the bug... yes we ALL (9) fit in this car!!!

Daddy daughter time

Hot mamas by the pool

Ryleigh hanging with the locals

Toes in the water hands in the sand!!

We all got some braids

Carole realxing and letting someone else do her hair!!

More Cozumel

Mike is ready to snorkel!!
Off to the first snorkeling trip right outside our vila

Johns Family

Sun time!!!

Brecken ready for the ocean

this is how to relax!!

Ryleigh and I headed straight to the beach when we got in!

Showing Ryleigh the ocean for the 1st time.

Carole heading into our vila.

McKell looking beautiful even after a red eye flight with her 2 boys!!

Getting into Cozumel on Feb 6th at 11am was so nice to enjoy the rest of the day sun bathing and swimming in the ocean!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


ok so we had a great trip here and the kids were better than we thought. We got to Cozumel Feb 6th at around 11am and have hit the ground running! I will just keep posting and posting pictures so here you go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy girl!!

Ok so as you can tell I found my camera and am back to taking pictures. Now I cant stop though. Ryleigh changes and learns something new everyday and I have my camera ready. They joy she brings to Ryan and I is nothing we can even find words to express!!!

Ryleigh loves to be on shoulders. Especially on her Dads. She sure lights up when he is around. she knows when he is around it means PLAY TIME!!!

Ryleigh sitting up in the tub for the first time!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ryleigh J Hunter

6 months old!!

At 6 months Ryleigh is rolling all over the place. If she sees something she wants she will find a way to get to it and get it. When I hang my coats on the chairs she will roll to them and pull on the sleeve's till she gets the coat off.

We are still waiting for some hair but even without it she is still as cute as ever.

She is eating solids here and there, when she eats them though she wakes up in the night so I am not a big fan. We are trying to feed her earlier in the day to see if it will help. One thing she LOVES to eat is Ice cream!! She will try to eat anything you put near her mouth.

She is getting quite the outgoing personality!! In church she has to do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. She likes to say da da da da it is SO cute!! We cant beleive it, but we love her more and more everyday. She is the light of our family for sure.

Last weekend Ryan and I got to spend the weekend in Vegas. My dad and MaryAnn watched Ryleigh so we could have all the fun we wanted. Saturday morning we went to the temple, then went to the Rio Village Buffet and enjoyed more sea food than we have even imagined!!! Then thanks to my dad and MaryAnn we got to go see Blue Man Group. We were selected to be the couple that walked in late so in the middle of the show they shined a spotlight on us and we had to act like we were walking in late haha it was pretty funny. I borrowed a pair of heels from MaryAnn and I didnt even make it all the way to the theater before I had to take off the heels and walk bare foot!!! After the show Ryan was SO nice and let me wear his socks and we walked to the car and got me some flip flops. Still made for a good night just had some SORE feet for a few days. If you have not seen that show I would highly recommend it.

Then we went to the Pirate show at Treasure Island and needles to say it was not worth the wait. The show was not like it used to be. Sunday we got to RELAX!! It was just what we needed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Cass family

On Monday night we headed for Moreno Valley to see the Cass family. we had a great dinner and just enjoyed one anothers company.